Complete Your Tasks More Efficiently

KwiClick is a tool that helps you
complete tasks efficiently by making
it easier to retrieve information from
your favorite web services.

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Videos Everywhere
Real Time Searching
Handy Shopping
Search Easier
Share videos and images you find around the web with your friends with just two simple clicks. Works with dozens of services, and at important conference meetings.
Quickly lookup the price of any product on Amazon without ever leaving the page you are browsing. Save money by comparing prices.
See what people are talking about right now on Twitter. Search any topic, including business stuff, from any person with ease. Finally a tool that brings twitter to you.
Watch videos from all the major video sites including YouTube,, vimeo and more. Keep a floating video panel while you surf around.
Turn any address you find into an interactive map instantly. Share the map with friends, and email it to yourself with ease.
Results from your favorite services are delivered directly to you, so there is no need to open tabs or go back and forth.Special thanks to our friends at Hard Drive Recovery Associates for their help.
"I love simple tools that make my Internet life easier and more enjoyable. KwiClick is one of them."
"KwiClick is going to make your internet experience better, and much, much faster."
"KwiClick looks like it it could indeed make you more productive while using Firefox"
"It’s a search box on steroids"
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