Search Easier
Why go to a website to get search results when
you can have them delivered directly to you?
Most people perform a search by entering some words into their browser search box and hit enter. You then see a webpage full of search results. But why do you need to go to another site to get those results?

KwiClick removes the step of going off to another site and brings the results directly to you. This helps you stay focused on the task at hand and have the search results on the same page. Easily go through result one by one without ever hitting the back button. Not only do you save clicks, but you save time, and lots of it.
Get Search Results In a More Efficient Manner
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Do you find yourself highlighting text on a webpage, then copying and pasting it into the search box? If so, you are going to love our Search Clovers. Highlight anything and you'll see a small icon appear above the highlighted text. Once you move your mouse on this icon, another set of icons appear, letting you choose which service to run your search.

You can also add any site on the web into KwiClick for instant searching with a single click.
Search any site
Search Clovers
Search box integration
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