Learn About Adjusting the Providers Preferences
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You can adjust the settings for each provider in KwiClick. Click the "Settings" button to view the available options for each provider.

When you click the "Settings" button you will see this window:

You can adjust the language/country for each provider, and how KwiClick integrates with the Firefox search box for each provider.

Favorite Providers

To define which providers appear on the bottom of the KwiClick window, simply drag a provider's icon from the 'Available' area into the 'Favorites' area.
Clicking the 'Restore Defaults' button will reset all changes and display the original set of providers.

Site Search

When you add your own search providers into KwiClick, you manage them from this area. To change the name of a site search provider click the provider in the list, then click the Edit button.
To delete a provider and permanently remove it from KwiClick, click the desired provider in the list, then click the Delete button.

More Help and Support

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