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Shotcut Keys

You can open KwiClick using a shortcut key. By using the CTRL+Shift and a key of your choice, KwiClick will open and run a search on highlighted text.
For Mac users, this will be Cmd+Shift and a key of your choice.
To run a search on the site you are currently viewing, you can assign a shortcut key in the Site Search area.


There are a number of different ways of handling links and content inside KwiClick. We currently support the use of the right and left mouse buttons.
Simply choose the action you would like for each type of mouse click.

Mouse Gestures

To use mouse gestures with KwiClick, you will need to install a compatible gesture addon such as FireGestures. Once you have installed FireGestures, you will be able to edit gestures associated with KwiClick. View a brief video tutorial to help you setup your mouse gestures.

More Help and Support

View the Frequently Asked Questions and Support documentation to learn more.
If you have additional questions about KwiClick, please visit our forums.
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