Learn About Adjusting the Display Preferences
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You can customize the font type and size for content that is displayed inside KwiClick.
You can also choose the preferred language that your results are displayed in. KwiClick will use the default language of your Firefox version for the language and country. You can override this setting by unchecking the box labeled "Use the language and country settings from Firefox".


You can enable/disable animation of the KwiClick window opening and closing. Disabling the animation may help if you notice issues when the KwiClick window opens.
When you click outside of the KwiClick window while it is open, a timer is used to determine when to close KwiClick. You can adjust the timer to your preferred settings. If you set the timer to 0 seconds, KwiClick will close immediately when you click outside of it.
You can override this setting by using the 'pin' icon to ensure KwiClick always stays open.
If you disable auto-hide, you will need to click the "X" icon to hide KwiClick.

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