Instant Maps
Tired of seeing an address and not knowing exactly where it is?
Turn any location into an interactive map with just two clicks
KwiClick gives you a Google Map whenever you need it. Simply highlight any address you find to pull up an interactive map that makes finding directions easy. Why waste time going to a map website when the map can come to you? KwiClick detects geo-encoded addresses on any page and inserts a small icon to make mapping as easy as one click.

Expand the KwiClick panel to easily enlarge the map. You can send maps to friends via email, or post them to Facebook, Twitter and over a dozen other social networks.
Making Interactive Maps Easier
Maps with Clover
Have you ever seen an address and wondered where exactly the location is? KwiClick provides the answer to this question. It is the quickest way to obtain an 'at-a-glance' view of where something is located in relation to areas around it.
Expand the map
Email maps to friends
Map any address
Send map to email
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